To develop River Sarasvati and disseminate its Heritage for scientific and sustainable development and management of groundwater, showcase the rich heritage to the world including exploration, assessment, conservation, augmentation of water resources, protection, restoration and development of Heritage, based on principle of economics and ecological efficiency and equity. : More than 70 organizations viz., ISRO, GSI, ASI, ONGC, BARC, CGWB & HARSAC etc. are associating in research work of Sarasvati River and its Heritage.


To revive Sarasvati River with the mission ‘Sarasvati flows on’ and to revive its heritages on the course of Sarasvati River, raise awareness about richness and importance of Sarasvati heritage, develop tourism, cultural corridor, construct/development of water bodies and support the research documents, compile research papers, publications of journals, monographs and reports etc. pertaining to Sarasvati river and its heritages on the Palaeochannel.


To revitalize the ancient Sarasvati heritage and to underscore the antiquity of the world’s oldest Sarasvati River Civilization, and its heritages to the world. Sarasvati Heritage Project is a Multidisciplinary project. Here we are going to approach the multidisciplinary feature and aspects of the Sarasvati. Sarasvati as a River, Sarasvati as a Civilization, Sarasvati as a Technology, Sarasvati as an Education, Sarasvati as a recreation, Sarasvati as a Devine and Cultural Tourism, etc.