About Sarasvati Board

  • The Vedic Sarasvati, a mighty and holy River of northwest India during 6000 B.C., was stretched through Punjab, Haryana ad Rajasthan and finally discharged into the Rann of Kutchh in Gujarat coast and disappeared around 3000 B.C. on the banks of Sarasvati River the seeds of Indian Culture were sown which in time developed into a great civilization of the ancient world. It is known as one of the most ancient seat of pilgrimages of the world. Many great literary words like Vedas, Brahmanas and Upanishads were composed and compiled here on the banks of Sarasvati River and its tributaries in the remotest part of history.
  • The Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board (HSHDB) was constituted by the Haryana Government on 12 October 2015 under the chairmanship of Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister-cum- Chairman of Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board, . The objectives for which the Haryana Sarasvati Board was constituted include Rejuvenation of the Sarasvati River and overall comprehensive development of the Sarasvati linked Heritage including construction of DAM, Reservoir, and Barrage for continuation of flow of water in the palaeochannel of Sarasvati, Renovation of temples, Provision of civic amenities to the visiting pilgrims and tourists as well as up keeping and maintenance of the tirthas. After the constitution many pilgrimages situated on the bank of Sarasvati River has been developed by the board.
  • The Sarasvati project is also going to approach the multidisciplinary feature and other aspects of the Sarasvati like Sarasvati as River, Sarasvati as civilization, Sarasvati as a Technology, Sarasvati as an education, Sarasvati as a recreation , Sarasvati as a technology, Sarasvati as a recreation, Sarasvati as a Divine and cultural tourism etc.

Who’s Who


Shri Nayab Singh, Hon'ble CM, Haryana



Shri Dhuman Singh Kirmach

Deputy Chairman

 Sh. Apoorva Kumar Singh (IAS)

Shri. Apoorva Kumar Singh, IAS, Add'l. Chief Secretary to Govt. of Haryana


 Shri. Vijayendra Kumar,IAS

Shri. Vijayendra Kumar,IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. of Haryana

Chief Executive Officer


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